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About Us

PDD is the government operated department which is responsible for transmission and distribution of electricity within J&K.


Generation of power is managed by J&K State Power Development Corporation.


The transmission of power at 66KV and above is managed by Systems & Opertation Wing of JKPDD


The distribution of power to the end users is managed by Distribution Wings of KPDCL and JPDCL, one each for Kashmir and Jammu division.


JKPDD provides electricity connections for any type of consumer at two voltage levels - High Tension and Low Tension.

High Tension Service

This service is provided at 11KV / 33KV / 66KV voltage levels. Consumers covered under HT Industry / HT PHE / Power Intensive Industry / General Purpose Bulk Supply tariff categories can apply for this service

Low Tension Service

This service is provided at 220 Volts Single Phase or 440 Volts Three Phase voltage levels. Consumers covered under Domestic / Non Domestic Commercial / Agriculture / LT PHE / LT Industry tariff categories can apply for this service

Documents Required

Kindly ensure that the documents are scanned properly. Department reserves right to reject the application with illegible supporting documents. The size of each scanned file should not be more than 3MB

  1. Proof of Identity.
    • Where the applicant is an individual (any of the documents given below):
      • Electoral Identity Card.
      • Passport.
      • Driving License.
      • Ration Card.
      • Photo identity card issued by Government Agency.
      • PAN Card.
      • Aadhar Card.
  2. Proof of ownership / legal occupation of the premises in the name of applicant.
    • Sale Deed / Allotment Letter.
    • Lease deed or rent deed.
  3. Authorization Document (Power Availability Certificate) for Industrial connections
A passport size photograph of the applicant is also required to be uploaded while submitting the application online.

How to Apply?

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To apply for new service, you just need to sign up with a valid email. After signing up, you'll get an activation link on your email. Click on the activation link to activate your account. Click here to sign up

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After activating your account, you can login using the valid credentials. Valid users will be redirected to new services form where you can apply for the new HT or LT service.Click here to Log in

Scan Documents

Before applying for new service, keep the scanned copies of required documents ready. Atleast one document each for identity proof and ownership proof alongwith a photograph and Power availability certificate (for Industrial Connections) is mandatory for submitting your application. Make sure that size of each file is within 3MB.View Documents required for Power Connection

Apply for Service

You can apply for one of the two services viz. High Tension Service or Low Tension Service. Make sure that you apply for appropriate service type which is applicable for your installation. Department has the right to reject your application if you choose wrong service type.View Service Types

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Notifications and Codes

Online Mandate NotificationView

Notification no. PDD/IV/08/2017, Dated: 18-06-2018

Documents required for Commercial / Industrial Power ConnectionView

Notification no. PDD/IV/08/2017, Dated: 03-08-2018.

Security Deposit RegulationView

Jammu and Kashmir State Electricity Regulatory Commission (J&K SERC) (Security Deposit) Regulation, 2008

Supply Code 2011View

Supply Code 2011

Time frame for providing of Electrical Connection upto 150KVAView

Notification no. PDD/IV/08/2017, Dated: 03-08-2018.

Tariff Details

Domestic SupplyView

Non-Domestic / Commercial SupplyView

State / Central Government DepartmentsView

Agricultural SupplyView

Public Street LightingView

LT Public Water WorksView

HT Public Water WorksView

LT Industrial SupplyView

HT Industrial SupplyView

Power Intensive IndustriesView

General Purpose Bulk SupplyView

LT and HT Temporary ConnectionsView

Schedule of Miscellaneous ChargesView

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